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Yarn Dyeing Chemicals

Yarn Dyeing Chemicals
Yarn Dyeing Chemicals
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Product Description

  • Vinatex CSQ : A sequestrating agent for binding properties towards hardening agents and heavy metals

  • Perstab C : A silicate free stabilizer for peroxide bleaching especially suitable for batch process/ Continuous process

  • Vinatex WET :  A special blends of surfactants for high detergency and powerfulwetting action.

  • Vinatex RDNI : A high performance dispersing agent.Suitable for high dispersion stability dyeing of polyester

  • Vinatex PESI : A concentrated, low foaming, levelling and dispersing agent for dyeing of polyester with disperse dyes

  • Vinatex ENI : Novel diffusion accelerant for high temperature dyeing of polyester with disperse dyes

  • Vinatex HCF : Formaldehyde free dyefixing agent for direct and reactive cotton / polyester or blends.

  • Superlevel S : Universal leveling agent having high levelling effects towards disperse dyes with swelling action on polyester fabrics.


  • Vinatex HD :  Lubricant and softener for all kinds of textile fabrics and yarns during processing

  • Vinacol CAN : A specially developed to neutralise core alkali from cotton hosiery,terrytowels, yarn and fabric after an alkaline pretreatment.

  • Texclean RC : A reduction clearing agent developed to remove unfixed dyes from polyester yarns.

  • Perkill PN Liq. : A biocatalyst based product for residual peroxide removal from the bleached fabrics.

  • Vinamax PI Liq. :  An acid buffer with dispersing and sequestrating properties for polyester and blends.

  • Vinasoft CPE : Cationic wax emulsion for sizing and lubricating agent on polyester fibres /yarns.